Modern Facial Rejuvenation With Smartlifting™

Individuals who desire a younger-looking appearance and firmer skin may be considering cosmetic surgery to achieve their goals. Facelift surgery is a tried-and-true method of revitalizing the facial aesthetic, but the prospect of major surgery with a lengthy recovery can be unsettling for potential patients. Smartlifting™ is a cutting-edge approach to facial rejuvenation that utilizes laser or ultrasound technology for a gentler and more efficient procedure. When compared with the traditional facelift, Smartlifting™ produces a superior patient experience and outstanding results. Smartlifting™ can target signs of aging in the following areas:

  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Jowls



Benefits of Smartlifting™

Smartlifting™ is a modern laser or ultrasound assisted facelift technique that aids in the separation of facial tissues from the underlying musculature and delivers heat to stimulate collagen production to the skin. Some of the benefits of this facial rejuvenation technology include:

Quick Procedure

Smartlifting™ is a quick procedure that allows for a shorter procedure time relative to other facelift procedures. Most patients return to work within seven to 10 days with a naturally refreshed appearance.

Minimal Side Effects

Due to the cauterizing effects of Smartlifting™ technology, this advanced procedure has fewer side effects than invasive facial rejuvenation options. Minimal swelling and bruising occur during recovery, so patients look and feel their best in just a few days. There is also less discomfort associated with this procedure, as the tissues are tightened without causing extensive trauma.

Quality Results

Many Smartlifting™ patients notice an immediate improvement in tissue laxity after their procedure. Results continue to improve in the months following a Smartlifting™ procedure because the laser or ultrasound technology activates the production of newer, healthier collagen, which restores youthful volume to the face and neck.

For more information about how you can benefit from facial rejuvenation with Smartlifting™, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Edmon Khoury today by calling (720) 475-8400.

Smartlifting™ vs. Facelift Procedures

Beautiful WomanMany patients come to a consultation at our Denver practice with the idea that a traditional facelift will meet all their needs. While this is likely true, they are often happy to discover that Smartlifting™ is an excellent alternative that will give them the results they desire along with a shorter recovery time and several added benefits. Here is how the two procedures compare.

Facelift Procedures

Facelift procedures will correct just about all aging concerns of the mid and lower face; they improve or completely remove facial wrinkles around the mouth, define the jawline, and improve the appearance of the neck. Facelift surgery is usually performed with general anesthetic.

  • The mini facelift involves limited incisions in front of the ear. Recovery is generally five to seven days.
  • The standard facelift requires incisions that go around the ears and extend into the hairline. Recovery is generally seven to 10 days.
  • The full facelift (also called the deep plane facelift) uses the same incisions as the standard facelift but extends to correct the deeper layers of the facial tissue. Recovery is generally 10 to 14 days.


Smartlifting™ provides results that are similar—and in some cases even better—than a traditional facelift.

Less Invasive

While a traditional facelift uses surgical tools to manipulate facial tissue and skin, Smartlifting™ uses a laser beneath the skin to tighten and improve the underlying structures. It also requires smaller incisions than with a traditional facelift, which contributes to a much shorter recovery time.

Uses Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is typically used during Smartlifting™, which increases patient safety. A traditional facelift alone is accompanied by the risks of surgery in addition to the risks of general anesthesia. A traditional facelift can also take up to five hours to complete, while surgery time with Smartlifting™ is much shorter.

Less Swelling and Bruising

Because of the less invasive technique of Smartlifting™, there is less swelling and bruising after surgery. Most patients feel comfortable appearing in public just a few days after treatment, compared to at least 10 days of recovery with a traditional surgical facelift.


The laser-assisted Smartlifting™ procedure will provide the most dramatic results, but even less invasive options are available with this technique. Laser Facial Sculpting™ with Smartlifting™ involves very small incisions that are not more than one centimeter in length. Heat from the laser along with liposuction on select areas of the face provide the overall result. The laser is also applied to the outer layers of the skin to further skin tightening and improve the quality of the skin.

Patients can choose a slightly more effective treatment with an UltraMiniLift™, which is a mini facelift with assistance from the Smartlifting™ laser. It requires a very short incision and can be performed in under an hour with local anesthetic.

Dr. Khoury is one of the few surgeons routinely offering the Smartlifting™ technique in the United States and teaches courses to other surgeons on how to perform this procedure. To discover the customized treatment that will meet your needs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Khoury by calling (720) 475-8400. You may also fill out our contact form at your convenience.

Smartlifting in Denver

Do you see your reflection and find yourself repeatedly dreaming of a facelift, but don’t
have the time or desire for the discomfort and recovery time of a traditional full facelift?
You may be a candidate for a revolutionary new technique known as Smartlifting. The
Smartlifting procedure utilizes a laser treatment underneath the skin to tighten and
manipulate the muscle tissue at a deep level. A distinctively less invasive procedure than
a full facelift, Dr. Khoury of Denver Cosmetic Surgery is the only surgeon performing
Smartlifting in the Denver area.

Facelift procedures boast tried and true technologies that really have not changed in
many years. The introduction of the Smartlifting laser treatment incorporates a significant
decrease in complications, improved and dramatic results, increased safety and a faster
recovery time. For a procedure that will give you the refreshed and invigorated look you
desire, with a short operating time, call Dr. Khoury and inquire about Denver Smartlifting

SmartLifting Denver

Are you seeking a leading cosmetic surgeon, who is currently performing the
SmartLifting procedure in Denver? Look no further than Dr. Khoury of Denver Cosmetic
Surgery, the only cosmetic surgeon performing SmartLifting in the western United
States. In addition to double board certifications, as a surgical instructor, Dr. Khoury
is always on the cutting edge, paving the way with new treatments, technologies and
developments. A recent development to facial rejuvenation, SmartLifting, is giving
patients a minimally invasive approach to facelifts.

SmartLifting utilizes the Smartlipo laser underneath the skin to manipulate the muscle
tissue and tighten the skin from within. In addition to boasting minimal invasiveness,
this new technology provides dramatic and better results than a traditional facelift. If you
are seeking a facial rejuvenation procedure with shorter operating time, less swelling
and bruising, great results and a speedy recovery, a SmartLifting procedure the Denver
Cosmetic Surgery Center may be just right for you. Call our staff today to schedule your
initial consultation with the world renowned, Dr. Edmon Khoury.

SmartLifting™ Laser Assisted Facelifts comes to Denver


Denver’s Laser Assisted Facelifts

We are excited to announce that Denver Cosmetic Surgery is the only center in the West to be performing laser assisted facelifts – SmartLifting™. Dr. Khoury is one of only 5 surgeons in the country performing these procedures. He will also be one of the national and international instructors training new surgeons on this revolutionary new technique.

SmartLifting was discovered by Dr. Richard Gentile in Ohio a few years ago. He applied the laser from a Smart Liposuction machine to the undersurface of the facial skin through a small incision less than 1cm. Prior to that, the laser was being utilized in the neck with great success, but not on the face. Dr. Gentile, a friend and colleague of Dr. Khoury has since refined the technique to allow the laser to assist in face lift procedures. This is the first major technological advancement in facelifts for over 20 years. It allows for shorter operating time, less bruising and swelling, increased safety, less complications, quick recovery, and greater skin tightening.

SmartLifting is not to be confused with the trade named minilifts that exist today, such as Quicklift, Lifestyle Lift or the Lunch Time Lift. SmartLifting is a totally different technique that can be applied in several ways, but all have one common principle, utilizing the Smartlipo Laser (made by Cynosure) to the under surface of the skin. This is the opposite of what we are used to doing, applying the laser to the surface of the skin. The four major applications include:

Laser Facial Sculpting™: This is the most minimal invasive application. It essentially applies the laser under the skin of the face with targeted liposuction. This is performed through 2-3 small 1cm incisions.

SmartLook™: Is the inside/outside use of laser. The laser is used, as in laser facial sculpting, under the skin, then followed by surface laser resurfacing with a fractional carbon dioxide laser.

UltraMiniLift™: This is a mini face lift performed with the laser. The major advantage over a non laser assisted minilift is the greater degree of skin tightening long term.

Laser SmartLift™: This is a laser assisted facelift that offers a full facelift result, but within the least invasive setting.

If you are interested in finding out more about SmartLifting, visit our website DenverCosmeticSurgery.Com or call for a complimentary consult with Dr. Khoury. He will explain and present in detail the benefits of this new technique.

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