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Upper Eyelid Surgery in Denver

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Upper Eyelid Surgery

The aging process can lead to loose skin on the upper eyelids. As the skin begins to stretch, most patients compensate by lifting their brows.

This strains the forehead muscles and can accelerate the development of deep forehead wrinkles. Eventually, overcompensation by the brows is not enough to raise the extra skin, and patients may complain of heavy eyelids or even loss of their upper field of vision. For many female patients, excess skin obscures the eyelids and makes it difficult to apply makeup. Upper eyelid surgery can result in a more vibrant and youthful appearance. The goal of the surgery is to rejuvenate your eyelids while preserving the shape of your eyes.

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The upper eyelid procedure is relatively quick, approximately 20 minutes per eyelid and is performed under local anesthetic. Before surgery, Dr. Khoury will carefully mark the upper eyelids to show the amount of skin to be removed. Some patients have fat that is responsible for puffiness in the inner corners of the eyelid. This fat is removed with electrocautery during the surgery. The incision is concealed within the eyelid crease, heals quickly and after time is unnoticeable even to the trained eye. Recovery usually takes about seven to ten days. Most patients can return to non-strenuous activity within the week.