Smartlifting™ in Denver

Smartlifting™ – a minimally invasive approach to complete facial rejuvenation


In a traditional facial rejuvenation procedure, such as a mini-lift or facelift, the technology and approach used is decades old. While the results are still amazing, what’s really amazing is that there hasn’t been any recent technological developments that can improve results, and reduce discomfort and recovery time. Until now.

Smartlifting™ is the newest and most exciting facelifting technique to be introduced in over 20 years. The procedure involves the Smartlipo laser, made by Cynosure. The Smartlipo machine is an advanced laser system originally developed for advanced liposuction and skin tightening treatment on the neck and the rest of the body. However, the use of this technology on the face has just been appreciated. Smartlifting describes these laser-assisted facelifts, and Dr. Khoury is one of only five surgeons in the U.S. performing this technique. He was also one of the few official instructors of this revolutionary new procedure, with courses in Denver, Vienna and Dubai.

Dr. Khoury has also expanded Smartlifting™ to include the use of the VASER machine as an equally safe and effective alternative to the laser. He is the only one in Denver capable of utilizing either technology in conjunction with a facelift. VASER technology utilizes probes that resonate at a very high frequency and deliver similar results as the lasers.

How does it work?

In SmartLifting™, the doctor applies the SmartLipo laser or the VASER probe (ultrasound based) underneath the skin, using it to manipulate skin and muscle tissue, as opposed to laser skin resurfacing in which the laser is applied to the outer surface. This approach makes the facelift procedure dramatically less invasive than a traditional procedure, which provides the patients with multitude of additional benefits, including better results. Nothing this new has been introduced technologically in face lifting for close to 20 years.


Why Smartlifting™?

Smartlifting™ combines proven aesthetic principles with a new advanced technology that provides a wide range of benefits to the patient. These include:

  • Shorter operating time – as little as one hour depending on procedure
  • Faster recovery – results in less than one week
  • Increased safety – a more controlled, more accurate procedure
  • Less swelling and bruising – more comfort for the patient
  • Decreased complications
  • Improved skin tightening as the patient heals
  • Better results

The key is how the procedure’s minimally invasive nature eliminates a number of risk factors associated with traditional facelifts. For example, the procedure can be done with local anesthesia, compared to general anesthesia required for a traditional full facelift, which is much more risky for a patient. Also, the time needed for the procedure is greatly reduced. The non-surgical method can be performed in less than one hour. The laser/VASER-assisted form can take slightly longer, but nothing compared to the up to 5 hours it can take for a general surgical facelift procedure. These factors, along with a number of others, all add up to a procedure that is safer, more comfortable, and will produce better results.


What does this mean for you, our patient?

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a patient that Smartlifting™ can provide is peace of mind. Because along with amazing procedural benefits, the treatment allows you and centers such as Denver Cosmetic Surgery to focus on one simple goal: the best result possible for you.

You see, patients often come to our center thinking they need a full facelift. Or a forehead lift. Or a mini lift. They’ve done some research, contacted some centers, and they feel that this is the best treatment option for their desire and their budget.

But in reality, the patient may be completely misinformed as to what option(s) are best for their unique facial features, and their desired result. That’s what makes Smartlifiting™ so beneficial to our patients. Why?

  • At Denver Cosmetic Surgery, our general facelift prices are already up to ½ less than what some other centers charge. Smartlifting actually costs less than general facelifts.
  • The recovery is fast – faster than normal facelift procedures, with patients seeing great results in as little as 1 week
  • View patients 1 week after a Smartlifting™ procedure

When compared to general facial rejuvenation procedures at other centers, there really is no comparison. The results are better, the recovery faster, and the procedure more affordable.

All this added up means you can come to our center with a confidence and an understanding that all that’s left is choosing the right treatment plan that’s best for your unique features, and best for your desired results.

SmartLifting™ can be applied in three different ways to help address almost all issues related to aging in the face:



Laser Facial Sculpting™ – Non-Surgical Laser SmartLifting

VASER Facial Sculpting – Non-Surgical VASER SmartLifting


Laser/VASER Facial Sculpting™ is the least invasive approach. The laser from the Smartlipo machine or the VASER probe heats the skin from underneath and then combined with selective liposuction to specific areas of the face. The use of the laser/VASER allows for skin tightening through tissue coagulation. In patients with skin changes due to actinic sun damage or possesing additional facial and neck laxity, a fractional laser is used for skin resurfacing from the outside surface. Essentially, the skin is addressed from both sides; an inside and outside treatment. This provides for further skin contraction than simply using the laser on the outer surface.

These procedures are performed with local anesthetic, and the incisions are very small — usually two to three small 1 cm incisions, which are also very well-hidden. It is a great option for patients in their early-to-late forties and for patients with acne scars, especially patients who do not want any facial incisions.

Face Lift - Patient Photo 1

Laser facial sculpting – photos courtesy of Dr. Richard Gentile

*Results May Vary

Face Lift - Patient Photo 1

Laser facial sculpting – photos courtesy of Dr. Richard Gentile

*Results May Vary

Face Lift - Patient Photo 1

Laser facial sculpting – photos courtesy of Dr. Richard Gentile

*Results May Vary


UltraMiniLift™ is a laser/VASER-assisted mini-lift. The Smartlipo laser or VASER machine is used to perform the procedure through a very short incision. It usually takes less than an hour and is also done with local anesthetic. Candidates will have more pronounced signs of aging, but not so severe as to merit a more aggressive lift. Compared to a traditional mini-lift, the benefits include less bruising, speedier recovery, and most importantly, better results with additional skin tightening.

Laser SmartLift™ — Laser Assisted Face Lift

VASER SmartLift™ — Ultrasound Assisted Face Lift


Laser SmartLift is a laser-assisted facelift that delivers a full facelift result with less associated trauma. In a similar fashion, a VASER SmartLift is an ultrasound-assisted facelift that utilize probes that resonate at a high ultrasound frequency. In addition, it usually addresses the neck along with the face. In this setting the maximum benefits of the technology surface. From a surgeon’s standpoint, it drastically improves the ease with which the surgery is performed. From a patient’s standpoint, amazing full facelift results are achieved in a more minimal setting.

Laser SmartLifting

Photos courtesy of Dr. Khoury. Results post op photos taken only 7 days after the procedure. (Lower facelift with neck)

*Results May Vary

Laser SmartLifting

Photos courtesy of Dr. Khoury. Results post op photos taken only 7 days after the procedure. (Lower facelift with neck)

*Results May Vary

Laser SmartLifting

Photos courtesy of Dr. Khoury. Results post op photos taken only 7 days after the procedure. (Lower facelift only)

*Results May Vary

SmartLifting™ promises to revolutionize facelifts. Dr. Khoury and his team are proud to be the first to introduce it to Denver and soon to the rest of the country and the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smartlifting™

What is the best age for Smartlifting™?

There is no age requirement for Smartlifting™. Every patient is different, and many ages can benefit from Smartlifting™. However, like the traditional facelift, people in their 40s and 50s often experience the best results.

Am I a candidate for Smartlifting™?

You may be a candidate for Smartlifting™ if you wish to treat aging signs with a minimally invasive procedure. Good candidates for Smartlifting™ are those who:

  • Experiencing mild to moderate signs of aging in their face
  • Do not smoke
  • Are generally healthy
  • Wish for a more youthful appearance

How much does Smartlifting™ cost?

One of the benefits of Smartlifting™ is that it costs significantly less than the traditional facelift. The cost of Smartlifting™ varies between patients and depends on the amount of correction needed, surgeon fees, and anesthesia fees. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Khoury to receive a detailed financial plan based on your specific needs.

Is Smartlifting™ painful?

Smartlifting™ is an easier, less painful alternative to facelift surgery. A local anesthetic is used to numb the face so that you do not feel any pain during your procedure. You may feel soreness, tightness, and slight discomfort for the first few days following your surgery that can be alleviated with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication. Most patients need pain medications for only 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

Can Smartlifting™ be redone?

Just like the traditional facelift, a laser-assisted facelift with Smartlifting™ may need to be redone. Since Smartlifting™ is less invasive than a facelift, multiple procedures are safer and more convenient. Speak with your surgeon to determine if undergoing multiple procedures is right for you.

A facial rejuvenation procedure can be a life-changing experience, improving the way that you feel about yourself and giving you a sense of confidence and well being. Dr. Khoury is an expert in facial rejuvenation techniques and will work with you to determine the procedures that will be best for you. It is important to recognize that for all medical procedures, including the procedures performed by Dr. Khoury, individual results and experiences may vary. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Khoury today!

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