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Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Consultation
with Dr. Khoury

Dr. Khoury’s approach during his consultations may differ from what other surgeons do. He designed his consultations based on observations he made throughout the years.

He noticed that consultations by other cosmetic surgeons often made patients feel pressured and overwhelmed. Dr. Khoury also found that many patients lacked information about their options for facial cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Edmon Khoury in a suit


Your consultation with Dr. Khoury will revolve around your concerns, and goals. He seeks to identify and address your specific concerns, instead of the patient simply asking the doctor to address “whatever you think is wrong with me.” At your consultation Dr. Khoury will provide information about the procedures he offers that meet with your personal concerns and objectives.

Dr. Khoury takes great pride in his work and is not content until you are satisfied. The keys to a great result are:

  • An informed and educated patient – regarding options, procedures and the process
  • Realistic expectations
  • Full disclosure
  • Patient safety
  • Natural look – not looking operated on or “pulled”
  • A surgeon’s good sense of the appropriate aesthetics for each patient
  • Impeccable technical skills
  • Adherence to post-operative care

Pre-Operative Appointment

Our practice will schedule a pre-operative appointment for you about 2 weeks before your scheduled surgery. At this appointment you will meet with Dr. Khoury to discuss details about your procedure including, pre-op care, post op care, and what to expect after during and after surgery. These pre-op appointments are designed to give you as much information as possible to promote a comfortable and healthy recovery.

Post-Operative Appointments

Dr. Khoury will schedule post-operative appointments based on your needs and healing. Typically, patients scheduled for a facelift or necklift procedure are scheduled for a 1-day post-operative appointment and then a 1 week post-operative appointment, between 6-8 days post-surgery, for suture removal. Patients scheduled for eyelid surgeries are scheduled for a 1-week post-operative appointment between 6-8 days post-surgery, for suture removal.