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Neck Lift in Denver

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Neck Lift

Often the term “Neck Lift” can be misunderstood or used to suggest several areas. Neck lifts are a stand-alone procedure that addresses aging and sagging to the neck only and do not address the jawline or the lower face.

Dr. Khoury’s neck lift procedures are intended to restore a natural and youthful result to the neck by addressing issues such as double chins, “Turkey neck” or loose sagging neck skin, excessive wrinkling of the neck skin.

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Most patients that display aging in the neck will show aging in the lower face as well. Anatomically, the lower face and neck are tied together structurally. While both neck lift and facelift surgeries focus on getting rid of sagging skin and creating a smoother and more defined appearance, a facelift focuses on the lower portion of the face, where neck lift surgery refines and rejuvenates the appearance of the neck only. Most facelifts (deep plane/SMAS lifts) include a neck lift within the procedure.

Occasionally, patients will present with an aging neck without other signs of aging in the lower face. Although rare, patients that are candidates for neck lift only are usually due to weight loss, genetics, or previous facial procedures that may have contributed to the neck prematurely sagging.

Sagging skin in the neck is caused by the muscle beneath.

During neck lift surgery Dr. Khoury will tighten the muscles and skin as well as utilizing liposuction to ensure a natural result.

A neck lift can drastically alter your profile and can make you look years younger. During your complimentary consultation Dr. Khoury will review your facial concerns along with your facial structure, he will explain the procedures in detail, ensuring you have all the information you need.

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