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Smartlifting in Denver

Do you see your reflection and find yourself repeatedly dreaming of a facelift, but don’t
have the time or desire for the discomfort and recovery time of a traditional full facelift?
You may be a candidate for a revolutionary new technique known as Smartlifting. The
Smartlifting procedure utilizes a laser treatment underneath the skin to tighten and
manipulate the muscle tissue at a deep level. A distinctively less invasive procedure than
a full facelift, Dr. Khoury of Denver Cosmetic Surgery is the only surgeon performing
Smartlifting in the Denver area.

Facelift procedures boast tried and true technologies that really have not changed in
many years. The introduction of the Smartlifting laser treatment incorporates a significant
decrease in complications, improved and dramatic results, increased safety and a faster
recovery time. For a procedure that will give you the refreshed and invigorated look you
desire, with a short operating time, call Dr. Khoury and inquire about Denver Smartlifting