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Wrinkles Under Neck Surgery

Have you been wondering if there is a procedure to lift, tighten and improve the look of a
droopy and loose neck? You may be a candidate for a tightening method called a necklift
to address the issue of wrinkles under your neck, an area of the body that is often the
first to loosen and sag. Typically performed in conjunction with a facelift, a necklift can
deliver that added youthful boost or can be easily performed as a standalone surgery.

A necklift will result in a dramatic reduction of wrinkles under the neck, sagging skin,
a turkey waddle or can even reduce full or heavy necks. A quick surgery, with a short
recovery time, a necklift is performed through tiny incisions behind the ears and under
the chin. For an experienced and renowned surgeon who has performed countless
necklifts, call Denver Cosmetic Surgery today for an initial consultation with Dr. Edmon
P. Khoury, Denver’s most sought after and distinguished plastic surgeon.