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SmartLifting Denver

Are you seeking a leading cosmetic surgeon, who is currently performing the
SmartLifting procedure in Denver? Look no further than Dr. Khoury of Denver Cosmetic
Surgery, the only cosmetic surgeon performing SmartLifting in the western United
States. In addition to double board certifications, as a surgical instructor, Dr. Khoury
is always on the cutting edge, paving the way with new treatments, technologies and
developments. A recent development to facial rejuvenation, SmartLifting, is giving
patients a minimally invasive approach to facelifts.

SmartLifting utilizes the Smartlipo laser underneath the skin to manipulate the muscle
tissue and tighten the skin from within. In addition to boasting minimal invasiveness,
this new technology provides dramatic and better results than a traditional facelift. If you
are seeking a facial rejuvenation procedure with shorter operating time, less swelling
and bruising, great results and a speedy recovery, a SmartLifting procedure the Denver
Cosmetic Surgery Center may be just right for you. Call our staff today to schedule your
initial consultation with the world renowned, Dr. Edmon Khoury.