Eyelid Lift: The Fine Line Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Portrait of an attractive elegant senior woman relaxing at homeEyelid lift surgery, or blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed to this day. An eyelid lift can revitalize and shave years off of your appearance, but not all eyelid lift patients choose blepharoplasty for aesthetic reasons.

Eyelid Lift for Practicality

Those with severely droopy eyelids may suffer from dermatochalasis, or excessive skin around the eyes. The excess skin can sag in front of the eye, obstructing the patient’s view. Some people with this condition also report brow aches due to overcompensation of the facial muscles. In cases like this, blepharoplasty serves a functional and necessary purpose. By undergoing non-cosmetic eyelid lift surgery, patients will:

  • Have a better range of vision
  • Be more self-sufficient
  • Read comfortably and pain-free
  • Feel that the world appears brighter

At What Age Should I Consider Eyelid Lift Surgery?

Most eyelid lift procedures, aesthetic and practical alike, are performed on people ages 40 and older. Dermatochalasis more commonly affects the elderly, but congenital dermatochalasis can begin developing in a person’s 20s. Your plastic surgeon will assess the state of your eyelids, and you can proceed from there.

Insurance Coverage

Every health insurance company has different policies regarding which benefits they do or do not cover in their plans. Dr. Khoury does not have contracts with insurance companies, but financing is available. Your insurance company may reimburse your surgery cost if you qualify for blepharoplasty coverage. You are likely to be a candidate for eyelid lift coverage if a physician has confirmed that your eyelids impair your vision. You can check what plastic surgery benefits your insurance company offers by contacting them for more information and seeing if you meet the requirements before undergoing any procedure.

If you would like to learn more about blepharoplasty and whether this procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Edmond Khoury by calling (720) 475-8400 or by filling out our contact form online.


Is Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, will take years off of one’s appearance and provide an overall refreshed look to the face. The procedure can be performed on either the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both, and it is a popular choice for both men and women.

Eyelid Surgery Before and After Photos

Many patients want to improve the areas around their eyes but are unsure if this particular procedure is ideal for the results they desire. Since no two patients are alike, the best assessment will be determined during a face-to-face complimentary consultation with Dr. Khoury. To start, here are a few ways to determine if eyelid surgery may be the right choice for you.

Can You Relate?

Sagging Upper Eyelids

Excess skin on the upper eyelids can make you appear to express certain emotions you are not feeling. Others may think you are tired, sad, or upset when you actually feel happy or indifferent. The upper eyelid lift will improve this by removing excess skin. A forehead lift is another option that will lift the forehead, which may also tighten the upper eyelids. Dr. Khoury will make a full assessment of your facial anatomy to determine whether the sagging is caused by the tissue and muscles of the forehead pushing downward on the brows. Either procedure will create a refreshed appearance that will help your true emotions show through.

Discomfort or Blocked Vision

If your upper eyelids are drooping to the point where they cause discomfort or impede your vision in any way, upper eyelid surgery (or a forehead lift, as mentioned above) will improve it. In some cases, your surgery may be covered by insurance. If your ophthalmologist has determined that you have visual field obstruction and require surgery to correct it, that is all the information the insurance company needs. Dr. Khoury is free to determine the exact procedure and technique that will solve the problem and give you aesthetically pleasing results.  

Puffy Upper Eyelids

If you have a puffy or swollen appearance below your brows, an upper eyelid lift will remove any excess fat and tissue to provide a smooth and natural appearance. The effect will be subtle, without changing the unique characteristics of your eyes that make you recognizable.  

Under-Eye Bags, Droopiness, and Dark Circles

A lower eyelid lift will address bags beneath the eyes, dark under eye circles, and drooping lower eyelids. Sometimes a facelift can also add improvement in this area, but if these few things are your main concern, a lower eyelid lift is likely the best option.

“Crow’s Feet” and Droopy Outer Brows

If smile wrinkles around the eyes, also known as “crow’s feet,” are a concern, a temporal brow lift may be the ideal procedure. It mainly addresses the outer area of the brow nearest the temple to correct minimal sagging and wrinkles; a full brow lift (sometimes referred to as a forehead lift) will lift the entire position of the brow.
If you are interested in any facial sculpting procedure offered by Dr. Edmon Khoury, please call (720) 475-8400 or fill out our online contact form today.

Are My Eyelids Aging My Appearance?

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.”

– St. Jerome

Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift Before and AfterSo many emotions can be communicated through our eyes. Without speaking, we tell others that we’re happy, sad, nervous, surprised, or upset. The ability to disguise our true feelings is preferred in some settings, like when playing poker or telling a white lie, but what if our eyes are constantly sending a false message about our age, mood, or health status?

What lies are your eyes telling?

Dark circles, under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping upper eyelids can all make you look tired, sad, sick, and older than you actually are. With a quick procedure called blepharoplasty, Dr. Khoury can reverse these signs of aging and help you communicate your feelings accurately. Also known as the eyelid lift, blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids and can also be combined with other facial procedures for an overall balanced look.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Upper Eyelid Lift Before and AfterThe upper eyelid lift addresses sagging skin of the upper eyelids that can sometimes interfere with vision and make you appear chronically sad or tired. The incisions are hidden within the folds of the eyelids and do not leave noticeable scars. The excess skin is removed, and the tissues beneath are adjusted or removed to give your entire face a more alert and refreshed appearance.

Lower Eyelid Lift

The lower eyelid lift, which can be performed alone or with the upper eyelid lift, targets under-eye bags, helps reduce dark circles, and will remove fine lines and wrinkles.

The eyes are truly the “windows to the soul” (Shakespeare), “the mirrors of the mind,” and the first place others look when they speak to you. Choosing to enhance this feature can help you appear younger, healthier, and even happier than you looked before, all while significantly improving your quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about blepharoplasty and whether this procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Edmond Khoury by calling (720) 475-8400 or by filling out our quick contact form online.

Achieving Overall Facial Rejuvenation

Improving a specific area of the face is typically done because of a specific facial problem. All procedures are tailored to fit the individual patient’s needs and desires. For many, a single procedure designed for a target area of correction will provide the youthful facial enhancement they desire. However, patients with more extensive aging will more likely have multiple trouble areas. Instead of undergoing multiple procedures separately, you may benefit from combining facial treatments into a single sitting.

Benefits of Combining Procedures  

Saving Time

There is often a three to six week recovery period after most facial procedures. Patients who choose to undergo multiple procedures at different times will require multiple recovery periods. When you combine procedures, you only need to undergo this recovery period once, meaning you can take less time off work and less time away from activities. Due to the use of the laser in most of his procedures, the recovery time is reduced.

Saving Money

While there are some costs associated with combining your procedures, you can avoid the extensive costs of repeat anesthesia and facility fees. When combining procedures, you will only need to pay for the facility and anesthesia once rather than multiple fees each time you go for a new surgery.

Improved Results

If you have extensive facial aging, undergoing a single procedure at a time may affect how you feel about the quality of your results. Your facelift might not look as good as you wanted because you still have heavy, hooded eyes. Rejuvenating your whole facial appearance in one sitting can help you feel more satisfied with your results.

Possibly Combined Facial Procedures


Facelift Before and After PhotosFacelift surgery is designed to correct excess sagging skin of the mid to lower face. Multiple facelift techniques are available depending on where drooping skin occurs and how extensive it is. Facelifts benefit patients who require firmer muscles and the removal of excess skin. However, it doesn’t provide any improvement to the upper face, brows, or eyelids.

Eyelid Lift

Eyelid Lift Before and After PhotosEyelid lift surgery is designed to correct heavy, drooping upper eyelids or puffy lower eyelids that may be contributing to a constantly fatigued or angry expression. Drooping eyelids are frequently caused by the weakening of the tissue that comprises the eyelids. Eyelid lift surgery (upper, lower, or both) removes excess eyelid tissue or fat pads under the eyes that can cause puffiness.  

Neck Lift

Neck Lift Before and After PhotosA neck lift can help create better definition between the neck and jawline as well as help restore a slimmer appearance. Many people fail to realize how significantly an undefined jawline and neck can age your appearance. The neck lift tightens the platysma muscle and removes excess skin to produce a slimmer, more toned appearance. Liposuction may also be used to provide better definition along the jawline and neck.

If you are looking to reverse signs of aging or enhance your facial appearance, schedule your consultation with Dr. Khoury today. Dr. Khoury is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery. His friendly and helpful staff is available to answer any and all of your questions. Please contact us at 720-475-8400 or fill out our online contact form here for additional information.

Choosing an Expert Eyelid Lift Surgeon: Things to Consider

Woman considering eyelid surgeryHow to Have Safe and Effective Eyelid Surgery

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery around your eyes is a very important decision. The eyes are “the windows to the soul,” the first place others look when they speak to you, and one of the main areas where we express emotion. Even with minor adjustments, the eyelid lift can completely change the way you look, and it can affect the way you see the world around you. With this in mind, it is important to choose an expert eyelid lift surgeon for your procedure.

1. Credentials

Did you know that any person with a medical degree and a state license can legally perform plastic surgery? This is why we hear so many horror stories in the media about botched procedures. Many men and women choose less experienced “surgeons” in hopes of saving money, but they end up paying much more than they bargained for with their botched results.

When choosing a surgeon to perform your eyelid lift, it is important to choose a surgeon that is board certified. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) indicates that a surgeon has broad knowledge of how to perform all cosmetic surgeries. It ensures that the surgeon’s skills have been evaluated and reviewed extensively and that several years of training have been completed. This should be a minimum requirement when considering a surgeon. Dr. Khoury has surpassed this level of training with specialized double board certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. These credentials guarantee that Dr. Khoury has focused the majority of his training on surgeries of the face, head, and neck and that he has met all the training and testing requirements set by these prestigious boards.

2. Experience

When it comes to choosing a qualified plastic surgeon, experience is important. You should evaluate the surgeon’s years in practice as well as the number of eyelid lift surgeries he or she has performed. During a consultation, you can ask to see the surgeon’s before and after photos to help validate their experience and skill and to get an idea of the results you can expect. Dr. Khoury has performed thousands of eyelid lift procedures over his many years in practice in Colorado and Dubai. He is dedicated to continued education in the field of facial plastic surgery and remains current with the latest technology and techniques for every procedure he performs.

3. Reputation

A good indicator of an expert plastic surgeon is their reputation among their peers and patients. A surgeon who gives frequent lectures to other surgeons, teaches at a university, or is published in peer-reviewed journals is more than likely an expert in his or her field. Dr. Khoury was selected as a surgical trainer for the Lifestyle Lift, a medical group that performs the largest number of facial rejuvenation procedures in the country. Dr. Khoury regularly attends conferences and delivers lectures and training to his peers. He is also highly esteemed by many of his satisfied patients, which is evident on various online reviews like HealthGrades and RateMDs.

Questions to Ask During a Consultation

In summary, here are a few questions you should ask when looking for an expert eyelid lift surgeon:

  1. Are you board certified by the ABPS?
  2. Do you specialize in the eyelid lift procedure?
  3. How many eyelid lift surgeries have you performed?
  4. Do you have recent before and after photos I can see?
  5. Do you teach other surgeons or give lectures on certain techniques?
  6. How do you stay current with the latest technology and techniques?

If you are interested in the eyelid lift procedure in either Colorado or Dubai, please schedule a consultation with expert eyelid surgeon Dr. Edmon P. Khoury. Please call (720) 475-8400 or fill out our online contact form today.

Eyelifts Denver

Many people find themselves experimenting with facial and under eye creams and
moisturizers to deliver a more vibrant and brightened appearance – and many are
disappointed when the treatments do not deliver results. For a minimally invasive
procedure to reduce puffy or saggy eyes in addition to the reduction of dark circles and
wrinkles, an Eyelid Lift may be just the treatment you deserve!

A Blepharoplasty, often referred to as an Eyelift treats under-eye bags, excess skin and
laxity in the upper and lower eyelids. An extremely effective and quick treatment (about
20 minutes per eyelid), this procedure heals rapidly and provides excellent results. For
an Eyelid Lift in the Denver area, look no further than Dr. Khoury of Denver Cosmetic
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