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Remove Neck Fat and Vertical Banding

Smartlipo™, VASER®

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A woman seen with vertical neck bands that she will remove with a Smartlipo® procedure, which heats and liquefies fat cells.

A woman seen with vertical neck bands that she will remove with a Smartlipo® procedure, which heats and liquefies fat cells.

Unwanted fat deposits anywhere on the body can be a nuisance, but nothing is more bothersome than fat on your neck that is noticeable at all times of the day. 

Unless turtlenecks are your go-to or you have a wizard’s beard, neck fat is visible at all times and can also worsen by constant facial movements you cannot avoid.

Luckily, Smartlipo®, a medical device that strategically lasers off fat, can help remove neck fat. VASER® accomplishes the same thing by utilizing ultrasound based technology. Both of these are performed under local anesthesia in less than an hour as minimally invasive procedures. 

What Is Vertical Banding?

Vertical banding, also referred to as platysma bands, are long and visible lines that can extend from the top to the base of the neck. 

The platysma muscles start at the base of your neck and run up the front left and right sides of your neck, up to the jaw, and in the area where frown lines are prominent. 

These muscles are not connected to the bones by ligaments, which contributes to their ability to shorten and move to the front of the neck, creating unnecessary lines.

What Causes Vertical Neck Bands?

Vertical neck bands are caused by aging and weight loss, which can cause changes to the platysma bands and form unwanted lines on the back of your neck. 

With age, these muscles can naturally become stretched and appear droopy. This starts to occur, for most people, in their early fifties. Liposuction is a great procedure to address neck issues prior to these bands developing. 

How Can I Remove Neck Fat With Smartlipo® or VASER®?

Smartlipo® is a medical device designed to perform laser-assisted lipolysis, known as laser liposuction. VASER® is a medical device designed to perform ultrasound-assisted liposculpting.

Unwanted excess fat and loose, hanging skin of the neck can be addressed in a minimally invasive procedure.

Dr. Khoury uses these devices to remove the fat cells underneath the skin, which will result in a contoured and tightened neck physique. 

Most patients find after having the unwanted fat removed from their neck by Smartlipo® or VASER® realize a great improvement in their appearance.

What Other Procedures Can Smartlipo® or VASER® Be Used For?

Along with treating the neck fat, Smartlipo® and VASER® can be used in the face to tighten the skin and speed up recovery in different facelift procedures Dr. Khoury offers. 

He offers a mini-lift, standard lift, and a full facelift.

Have More Concerns?

If you want to learn more about removing neck fat with Smartlipo® or VASER® in the Colorado Springs, Littleton, or Denver areas, you can fill out an online contact form here or call our office at (720) 475-8400.