Facevolvelifting in Denver

The fac:evolve:lifting system was created by Dr. Khoury based on observations made in his practice.He noticed that consults by other cosmetic surgeons often make patients feel pressured. He also found that many patients lack information about their options for facial rejuvenation procedures.

The fac:evolve:lifting system revolves around your concerns, and goals. It strives to make you feel empowered in the decision-making process. The system seeks to identify and address your specific concerns, instead of merely asking the doctor to address “whatever you think is wrong with me.”

The fac:evolve:lifting system combines some aspects that are intuitive to every cosmetic surgeon but are made transparent to the patient. Many other aspects are unique to Dr. Khoury’s capabilities and experiences. He wants the patient to be informed about their experience and moreover knowledgeable about his thinking process.

At the consultation appointment, Dr. Khoury will provide information about facial rejuvenation procedures and discuss your concerns and objectives. Once you decide to move forward, Dr. Khoury will work with you to identify the procedures and settings that will be best for you.

Once you have identified a concern about your face, neck or both, you can expect the following consultation process as you select and prepare for a facial rejuvenation procedure.

A complimentary consultation will be scheduled with Dr. Khoury.

Prior to your consultation appointment, you will receive information about the practice and the consultation
At the consultation appointment:

  • Dr. Khoury will review your medical history
  • You will identify and discuss your concerns, desires and goals
  • Based on your objectives, Dr. Khoury will determine whether you are a candidate
  • All appropriate procedures will be offered and explained in depth
  • Procedure setting options will be offered (local, sedation, or general anesthetic)
  • In certain cases, an imaging system may be used
  • Expectations as to results are set
  • All of your questions will be answered
  • If you decide a facial rejuvenation procedure is right for you, you will be given options to select your choices and procedure setting to form a treatment plan

Dr. Khoury takes great pride in his work and is not Content until you are satisfied. The keys to a great result are:

  • Informed and educated patient – regarding options, procedures and the process
  • Realistic expectations
  • Full disclosure
  • Patient safety
  • Natural look – not looking operated on or “pulled”
  • A surgeon’s good sense of the appropriate aesthetics for each patient
  • Impeccable technical skills
  • Adherence to post-operative care

The fac:evolve:lifting system applies to all of the procedures that Dr. Khoury performs, which include procedures for the entire age spectrum. Younger patients most likely will be candidates for minimally or less invasive options, while older candidates will have the entire array at their disposal.

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