Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Posted on: November 17th, 2015 By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

Your neck is a powerful bridge of vertebrae and muscles that holds up your head. When you raise your chin up and hold your head high, you might feel like you’re ready to conquer the world. However, if your neck skin is wrinkled and saggy, you may not feel much like holding your head high. […] [ Read More ]

Facial Plastic Surgeons: Specialized in the Art of Facial Sculpting

Posted on: October 13th, 2015 By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

While there are numerous medical professionals all over the United States, facial plastic surgeons are some of the most specialized individuals around. This isn’t to say that they are better than general plastic surgeons, but a vast number of qualifications and standards must be met to be considered a facial plastic surgeon. Aside from being […] [ Read More ]

What’s So Smart About the SmartLift™?

Posted on: March 25th, 2015 By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

SmartLift™ in Denver, CO Have you noticed the signs of aging in your face are becoming more apparent? If so, you’re not alone. Various factors, including sun exposure, stress, and gravity, adversely affect the condition of your skin as you get older. As we age, fine lines and wrinkles worsen to form deep creases, and […] [ Read More ]

Facelift and Neck Lift FAQs

Posted on: March 17th, 2015 By: denvercosmeticsurgery

Common Questions About Facelifts and Neck Lifts As we age, the skin on the face and neck tends to lose collagen and elastin, which causes wrinkles and sagging skin to develop. While various factors like sun exposure, weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process greatly affect the severity of these conditions, most individuals begin to […] [ Read More ]

Choosing an Expert Eyelid Lift Surgeon: Things to Consider

Posted on: March 3rd, 2015 By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

How to Have Safe and Effective Eyelid Surgery Choosing to have cosmetic surgery around your eyes is a very important decision. The eyes are “the windows to the soul,” the first place others look when they speak to you, and one of the main areas where we express emotion. Even with minor adjustments, the eyelid […] [ Read More ]

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