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    • Facelifts Starting at $5000
    • Buccal Fat Pad Removal: $3000
    • Non-Surgical Laser Facelifts
      (Laser Facial Sculpting): $3500
    • Upper Eyelids: $2000

    * Prices are all inclusive, include
    anesthesia and OR fees
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    Denver Neck Sculpting

    Posted on: December 13th, 2011
    By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

    If you find yourself seeking a quick and easy procedure that will take years off your life, but still leave you feeling like your natural appearance is shining through, you may be a candidate for neck sculpting. Dr. Khoury and his experienced and compassionate team at Denver Cosmetic Surgery, will sculpt your neck with the […] ... Read More ]

    Wrinkles Under Neck Surgery

    Posted on: December 5th, 2011
    By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

    Have you been wondering if there is a procedure to lift, tighten and improve the look of a droopy and loose neck? You may be a candidate for a tightening method called a necklift to address the issue of wrinkles under your neck, an area of the body that is often the first to loosen […] ... Read More ]

    Smartlifting Denver

    Posted on: November 28th, 2011
    By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

    Do you see your reflection and find yourself repeatedly dreaming of a facelift, but don’t have the time or desire for the discomfort and recovery time of a traditional full facelift? You may be a candidate for a revolutionary new technique known as Smartlifting. The Smartlifting procedure utilizes a laser treatment underneath the skin to […] ... Read More ]

    Laser-Assisted Facelifts

    Posted on: November 22nd, 2011
    By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

    If you find yourself often looking in the mirror and dreaming of your youthful and tightened appearance of yesteryear, but feel hesitant about the idea of the recovery time of a full facelift, you may be a candidate for a Laser-assisted facelift. Often referred to as Smartlifting, the Laser-assisted facelift is performed with the use […] ... Read More ]

    SmartLifting Denver

    Posted on: November 15th, 2011
    By: Dr. Edmon Khoury

    Are you seeking a leading cosmetic surgeon, who is currently performing the SmartLifting procedure in Denver? Look no further than Dr. Khoury of Denver Cosmetic Surgery, the only cosmetic surgeon performing SmartLifting in the western United States. In addition to double board certifications, as a surgical instructor, Dr. Khoury is always on the cutting edge, […] ... Read More ]

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